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Commercial, Healthcare
& School Refurbishment

Health and Safety

Compass FMB Ltd will ensure that all sites will be designed, built, managed and operated in a manner and to a standard that reduces to a minimum, as far as is reasonably practicable, the impact of the site and its activities on the environment at large and the surrounding area in particular.

Compass FMB Ltd will employ the best available technology, not entailing excessive cost, in pursuit of its operations and will undertake periodic reviews of available technologies which may be capable of implementation.

It is and has always been the policy of Compass FMB Ltd to comply with, in all respects, the legislative and regulatory requirements regarding environmental policy.

Standard Operating Procedures will be written to define the method and manner in which all environmental significant activities will be carried out.

No material or substance will be accepted at, or allowed to leave any site unless its capacity for environmental damage is understood and Management is sure, to the best of their knowledge that the method of storage, handling, treatment or disposal will not cause environmental damage.

Management will review the materials and substances for more environmentally friendly alternatives and better ways of treatment or handling for any particular product to reduce the risks to individuals.

One of the Companies key environmental efforts is focused on developing the environmental friendly aspects of its fleet of vehicles. In line with the government promotion for a greener environment the Company actively source its vehicle fleet that have the lowest emissions and the use of LPG as alternative fuels.